Hey folks! Nowadays, the use of e-cigarettes is at a boom. They have gained more popularity than cigarettes. Users love the varieties and feel it offers. But how can we do it? How about some eye-catching tricks of vaping? Let us multiply the fun to ace the art of vaping. 

Yes, we are talking about tricks to play with vape clouds. Start with grabbing a fair Ejuice deal. And get your skills polished on blowing clouds. They will make you show it off to become the star at the party. 

And do not worry about a teacher for it because we take responsibility. There are several ways to do it. And here are the top five ways suitable for beginners. 

Must-know facts about vaping

People vape to satisfy themselves or to look cool. You might have done vaping or seen anyone doing it. And sometimes, you might have had the thought of trying this thing. It was introduced in 2003 by China. 

Vaping is inhaling vapor with the help of an electronic cigarette. E-cigarettes work on batteries and contain nicotine, flavor, and chemicals. Let us give you some general information on it. 

Now, there is a difference between smoking and vaping. Both vaping and smoking deliver nicotine chemicals to the body. But the difference is that smoking produces nicotine by burning tobacco and vaping does it by burning e-liquids which is less harmful. Other names for vaping are cigar, second-hand smoke, butt, box mod, cancer stick, etc.


Do not worry! A real ghost will not appear in front of you. In this trick, you will exhale the vapor releasing a small and smooth ball-shaped smoke. That is the ghost! First, inhale the steam but do not take it to your lungs as you are not smoking. Hold it for a few seconds and let it relax inside. Make a small stiff O-shape from your mouth. And gently push it out without exhaling.

Upon exhaling the vapor, it comes out like a canine tail, or you can say like a simple smoke. 

Pushing it will give you a smooth ball-shaped vapor which is very satisfying. And lastly, as you show it off to your friends. Suck it into your mouth quickly with that small stiff O-shaped mouth. It might intrigue you that the sucking back of mist is very satisfying. It looks like the Chirag of Aladdin, taking Jinnie back inside.


You must have seen dragons in cartoons in your childhood and how they threw fire from their nose and mouth. Well, dragon vape is the same. Fill up your mouth with a large amount of smoke. Now, slowly exhale smoke through your nose and your mouth. Exhaling from the nose is difficult, but practice can make it better.

Make sure you are closing the middle part of your lips tight. Smoke should come out from both sides of the mouth. Without that, it will look like a burst of cloud. It will make you look like a real dragon.


The largest waterfall in the world? Yes, it is Angel falls. But why mention it here? Because you can also create a waterfall but with vapors. What? What did you think about water? Let nature create the mesmerizing waterfall. The only waterfall you can make is with vaporizers.

First, fill up the bottle slowly with the vapor from your mouth. Make sure that there is frozen water at the bottom of the bottle. This water will make fumes dense and heavy. It will eventually deliver a forest-type look at the surface. After the bottle gets filled, make the fog fall on the surface from 2-3 cm above the surface. That’s it! You can now destroy the smoke with your hands for your satisfaction or look at it. 

Here’s your waterfall technique. It is a modest technique to get started. The floor will remind you of stages full of smoke. 


No, not the actual tornado. But the smoke will look like a tornado for sure. Now the question is how to create a tornado with vapor? First, you have to take a flat surface to make such a thing. And slowly and steadily release the smoke from the mouth.

Make sure the murk covers the surface. Gently move back from the surface without disturbing the fog. Do not exhale it forcefully because it will make the vapor disappear.

Follow these steps after filling the surface: 

You have to bring one hand on the side of the flat surface and close to the vapor. Flick the wrist up quickly, and move your arm up. 

You will see a long tornado forming in front of your eyes. You might not have seen a tornado this close, but now you can.

5. O’s 


People do not like to score 0 in their exams, but when it comes to showing off, the O vape trick will work. You should adjust your lips in a perfect O shape, not too small and not too wide. 

Make sure to tighten the lips around the teeth while making an O. Then, blow out the smoke by applying minimal pressure on the throat. Pressure on the throat should be like brief coughing. 

You might not like coughing, but you will love doing it while vaping. The small doughnut-shaped rings will be very satisfying. They are the only doughnuts that you cannot eat.

Harmful effects

These might look cool, but using an excess of them may cause harm to your health, too, like:

  • Nausea 
  • Blood pressure fluctuations 
  • Depression 
  • Low battery life 
  • Breathing difficulties 
  • Indigestion 
  • Abnormal weight loss 
  • Coughing 

And many more diseases can affect you and your loved ones. 

It is advisable to look after your health before indulging in it. You have to take care of your health more than others. Vaping also weakens the immunity of the body. And a weakly immune body is the center of attraction for Coronavirus.

Final words

Vapor bubbles, liquid mist, triangles, bane, French inhale, jellyfish, bow tie, vape bending, and others are more ways of vaping. But these are for intermediate and advanced level people. Beginners can also master it and what is required is practice. Practice makes a man perfect. 

Vaping has its pros and cons, but only we can control our consumption of it. And we should also make sure that it does not affect our minds, soul, and strength. Happy vaping!

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