We are a blog that specializes in reviews on dry fruits and gourmet snacks from across the internet. We review companies and their products by giving an honest opinion on whether or not the product tastes good, is worth the price for what you are getting, or if it’s just plain gross. 

To ensure we maintain our credibility as a blog, we also provide links to where you can purchase the items online so that you can try before you buy! We believe our reviews will help anyone who is looking for healthy snacks which taste good and don’t break your wallet. The more information people know about the products, the better they know what they are purchasing and which ones to avoid.

What is write for us?

Write for us is a blog which reviews products from companies and gives an honest opinion on whether or not the product tastes good, is worth the price of the item, if it’s just plain gross, or if it’s just plain horrible. Each review is different and will give you an idea on whether you should buy the item or avoid it altogether. This can be a great help to anyone who is looking to purchase some new items.

What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

Our articles can range from reviews on an individual company, product, or category of products. They can also include any other tidbits of information that you would like to share with the general public.

We’re always looking for writers who know a lot about anything from health to nutrition to cooking. Either way, it doesn’t matter what your expertise is; if you have something interesting to say about dry fruits and gourmet snacks online then we want you! The more information a writer shares, the more interest we get from our readers.

Articles can be written in your own words or they can be an article that you’ve found online and want to share with your friends. The key is to find articles with fresh, new content that inform people about something they didn’t know before.

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Guidelines to follow for Article Submission:-

1. We need a minimum of 500 words for any article submission.

2. Article must be original work and not plagiarized.

3. Unfinished articles will not be considered for submission to our blog; we expect the article to have been written at least half way through, or further if necessary.

4. Each article must be submitted in a Word Document (doc, DOCX…etc).

5. Each article must be properly proofread and edited.

6. We reserve the right to edit or reject any submitted article for any reason.

7. We allow two submissions per month, but you are welcome to apply for more than once a month if you have more articles to submit.

8. We reserve the right to close the submission application at any time if we have enough articles on hand.

Why is a Guest Post Important for your business?

Guest posts provide a platform for your business to expand on your online presence, message, and product portfolio. Having guest posts from different lifestyle websites and blogs will be beneficial in increasing brand visibility. Plus, our blog readers are interested in reading about the latest trends and products that are trending online.

Where should you send your pitch?

Please send your pitch to [email protected].