que es miccion frecuente

This is a question I’ve been asked by a lot of people throughout the years and I think it’s really important to talk about. The biggest reason this is important is because there are many things that we do, that we do often, that we don’t even realize. If we don’t believe it, we could be at risk for making decisions based on the wrong information. This is one of those situations.

Miccion is one of the most common ways we use language. We say things like “I will do it tonight”, “I will do it in about an hour”, “I will do it in 30 seconds”, “I will be back in an hour”, “I will be back in 30 minutes” and many other variations on this. We think it may be a fun phrase to say or may be useful if we were in a foreign country.

However, this phrase is not always the case. If we have a few seconds to think about it, the language can be interpreted very differently, which is a good thing because we often have to adapt to the situation. For example, I may say I will do it tonight then I will do it in an hour. I may be very specific about what I will do. But if I have 30 seconds to think about it, I may be very vague about it.

That’s why I’m not giving you a miccion frecuente.

The key word here is vague. If you have a 30 second window to think about it, you will have a very wide range of interpretations that all boil down to one thing: How.

A vague statement is one that is open to a lot of different possibilities. For example, in the game the main character can see a woman with a gun that he can use to shoot her. Which one of these two possibilities is more likely to happen? In this example I would be very specific about what I would do if I saw that, but not as specific as 30 seconds later.

The reason I can’t think of is that the movie is about the assassination of a super-hero. If you’re going to shoot someone, it’s fine to shoot him, but if you’re going to shoot your character, it’s not very common to shoot him. And the movie doesn’t have a lot of detail about what was going on. But it’s not even really clear whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing to shoot.

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