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After being in New Zealand for a few weeks, I feel like I’ve finally gotten over my bias towards the U.S. I love its relaxed culture, beautiful weather, and the way that everyone seems to be so happy.

In an interesting twist, I was surprised to learn that New Zealand has its own word for “blunder.” It’s not the British pronunciation, and it’s not the American one either. It’s the New Zealand pronunciation.

I just love how the Kiwis seem to be so self-aware about their quirks. If you’re ever in New Zealand I’d highly recommend looking up its own pronunciation and being curious about how anyone pronounces every other word that they pronounce with a certain stress. The result is a lot of interesting stories and interesting jokes. You might even make some new friends.

I think it was a New Zealand joke that got me thinking about how the Kiwis pronounce “bombay”. I guess it’s because the stress on the first syllable of their pronunciation is different because it’s pronounced “bo-nah,” as opposed to “bo-na” in the other direction.

Nz is the Australian pronunciation of bombay. It is a hard-as-nails word, you know. In the English language we have a hard-to-pronounce-it-in-the-place approach. It’s the hardest word to pronounce in the world.

I think it is also a pretty good example of the difference between the British and the Australian approach to word pronunciations. Their approach is to start with the stress on the first syllable, and move the stress up and down as needed. In English, we start the first syllable with the stress on the first syllable, but then we move the stress up and down as needed.

In the Australian approach, we start with the stress on the last vowel, but then move the stress up and down as needed. In English, we start the last vowel with the stress on the last syllable, but then move the stress up and down as needed.

This is one of those things that I have a hard time explaining. It’s so simple when you think about it, but the moment you try to explain it to a native speaker, they’re like, “Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I just have one thing to say, you cant just use an English accent for the entire English-speaking world. You have to have a specific accent in the English-speaking world.

Yes, I know, but I still want to say something in my own voice, you know what I mean? I still want to say stuff that I think is funny and cute in my voice, but I have trouble explaining it in a language people understand. So, there you go. There is no “an” in English. You can’t just say “an” and make it sound like an English accent. You have to be specific and say “an.

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