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This is a very short and sweet article that I thought would be fun to write.

It’s a little over two weeks since I began this blog about the death of my brother, who passed away in a tragic car accident. He was only 34 years old. This blog was started for him, to keep his memories alive, but it has also become a memorial of sorts for his family. So I decided to join the conversation and write a short introduction about my brother. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions below. I also hope you’ll do the same.

My brother was my first love. We were each other’s first. I am the person who he looked up to, and the person who he was supposed to be. It was like he was my very own father. He was like the father that I never knew. He was never an actor, but he was a very good one.

He was also born in India, but he came back to the US after a time spent in Pakistan. He never spoke to me about that time, and I never knew anything about what happened. He never spoke to me about his family or his life abroad. It was like he was a kid that I had never met.

After his initial trip to Dubai that I read it was like he went to Pakistan to “stay with his family.” He never came back, but he stayed with his uncle and aunt and told them that he was really there to stay with them. That was the last time I ever saw him. He never came back.

I saw him on a plane in Dubai. He was sitting in the first row and I was sitting in the aisle, and he was looking at the flight attendants. He didn’t seem to like the attention.

In his story, his uncle and aunt have finally accepted him as a part of their family, and he is now living with them. He is now the head of security for the family. He is also able to leave the family’s house without being seen.

One of the things that makes Blackreef such an interesting setting is how the family is still accepting Colt as a member of their family, even though he has been living on their island for over a year. They even have not yet found a permanent home for him, and he is still living with them.

They are even more welcoming than they seem to be. After dropping him off in the middle of the island, he’s taken by shock and is still able to walk away from the house. He’s actually had a lot of fun in the last four days of his stay, as he’s been able to get to know everyone from the time he was asleep to the time he’s left.

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