How to reduce the size of a PDF Easily For Free

Adobe Acrobat is a necessity for many who work dealing with PDFs daily but it’s no surprise that this service was, up until now, lacking advanced features that are offered for free by competitors. To keep with other options on this market Adobe has introduced new functions to its web-based Acrobat version. Acrobat and, with it is a brand new method to reduce the dimension of PDF files.

In this article we’ll assist you to reduce the size of a PDF file quickly using without having to download any additional applications or software for your device.

How can you reduce the size of a PDF rapidly

Adobe lets users compress PDF files inside an internet browser with the Acrobat Web services. This Acrobat Web’s PDF compress tool is able to shrink the dimensions of huge PDF files in order to make them able to be saved on devices and distributed to other.

The company states that the compression process improves the dimensions of PDF files in as to preserve the high quality expected from images fonts, images, as well as other files’ contents. It is possible to use the PDF compression tool in Acrobat’s web site in order to reduce PDF file size up to 500MB in size.

To begin this process of compression, visit the Compress PDF page on Acrobat Web with a web browser you prefer using any device, and click on the ‘Select a File option in the menu.

Your file will have been uploaded onto the Adobe Document Cloud.

Acrobat will begin automatically compressing the pdf to jpg file that you uploaded.

After the compression has finished and you are shown when the compression is complete, you will see “Your compressed PDF is ready” message on your screen. It will also allow you to view the old and new file dimensions of the PDF you have selected.

To download the PDF file, you’ll have to register or sign in to Adobe using one of the methods for logging in available to you. Select your preferred method of signing in and follow the on-screen directions.

You’ll be able to download the PDF file compressed once you’ve registered. To do this, find the file that has been compressed and click the 3-dots icon that is next to it, and then select the option to download in the popup menu.

The newly compressed file will be downloaded to the default downloads folder.

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