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Surely among us, all have participated in gambling in different forms in the traditional way. Due to the entertainment needs of players around the world, online casinos were born, and more and more choices, the number of online casinos bet app Senegal has reached 4000 and the number keeps going up day by day. 

Because of the large numbers, choosing the right casino for such a number may not be so easy.

So in this article, we want to guide you on how to choose a safe and reputable real money online casino listed at CasinoMentor.

What should you start with choosing a casino to play for real money?

Important parameters that you should pay attention to before deciding to play at any casinos are accepting players from your country of residence and the casino’s reputation for fair gaming and payouts win.

In addition, to optimize your experience at any casino, we recommend that you should access CasinoMentor and use their advanced filter to filter out those casinos that offer customer support in your language or have online applications designed specifically for those who are busy or accept the currency you are using.

Casinos that accept it in your country of residence

This is an important condition in choosing a casino. Although there are some views that should only play at casinos with the legal authority of the country of residence. But this will be difficult for players from countries in the gray zone of online gambling laws such as India and Vietnam. Therefore, we see that players will be safe if they choose from the following 2 criteria:

Casino Rating: Received a high rating from experts from CasinoMentor (specifically above 4 points)

Accepting players from the country you visit: By playing from a casino that accepts you will get paid and accept deposits to use the service.

Usually, the restricted country is shown right there in the info on the CasinoMentor site, but if you’re in doubt, it’s best to ask the casino about it via live chat, before depositing any money there.

Note: We see that you absolutely should not use a VPN to avoid possible trouble while you deposit money in the casino.

Online casinos have a fair terms and conditions section

An online casino is like any other online business model, they must have a terms and conditions section. This section directly affects the interests of the player. Therefore, it is important to play at any online casino that has fair terms and conditions for players. Here are some of the possibilities that players face when playing at some casinos with the term that is unfair. 

  • The casino refuses to pay the winnings fairly to the player.
  • Casinos to default deposits higher than other casinos,
  • Casino limit winning when the player wins the jackpot
  • Or most commonly, the withdrawal limit is too low.
  • Casinos, for no reason, delay withdrawals (weekly or even monthly). The casino keeps repeating the identity verification of the players to stall.

With signs like this in a casino, you need to stay away and not deposit as you will probably not get paid at checkout.

Fast and helpful customer support

Customer support is also an issue you should consider when visiting an online casino. Having fast and good customer support will help you to solve the problems that you encounter while playing on any casino.

We’ve always found customer support great, so that includes a 24/7 live chat or phone support you can’t reach.

An attractive and convenient bonus

Promotions are one of the ways casinos use to attract guests. Bonuses will give players more opportunities to recover what they have lost or increase their chances of winning.

However, there are many cases where players receive bonuses but cannot withdraw their money due to higher-than-normal regulations. This leads to you not being able to control your playable money and getting caught up in the gambling wheel. There are many documented cases of players becoming addicted to gambling as a result of using promotions.

That’s why we always recommend that players receive bonuses only after reading the terms and conditions of the bonus carefully.

Licensed from Respected Regulator

There are only a few countries in the world that have gambling regulatory bodies and are officially operated from a few countries. Players in this country when participating in gambling can be taxed for online gambling activities and treated as a kind of income. While gambling is taxed, people in this country are protected by legal authorities from fraudulent operators.

A good regulatory body should always stand on the side of fair gambling independently and help players overcome problems related to gambling addiction.

However, not all governing bodies have a reputation for protecting players. These institutions include Costa Rica, Panama, Anjouan, Seychelles, or Curaçao and Gibraltar. The way these regulators deal with it will generally be loose.

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