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In order to sell a car in the UK the cost of the fuel, petrol and diesel (in UK terms) are the same. The cost of petrol is £1.50 per litre, diesel is £1.27 per litre. The fuel price is a constant and the cost of diesel, like petrol, is variable but there is a fixed price.

When petrol is on the table, the price of petrol will be the same as the price of petrol, diesel. When petrol is on the table, the price of diesel will be the same as the price of petrol.

Diesel prices are a bit of a weird one for me because I have a family and a huge diesel truck in the garage, and when I ask the garage guy about diesel prices he tells me that diesel prices are the same as petrol prices, he doesn’t even mention that diesel is a variable cost as well.

Like many things in India, the diesel price is based on the real world cost of the fuel. The fuel in the garage that we use for our truck is diesel. The diesel price is supposed to be fixed. In real life, the diesel price is set to be higher than the price of petrol when the petrol is on the table.

The problem is that for most Indians diesel costs more than petrol. The government has been trying to lower the diesel price but the government has been unable to do so. The government has also been trying to limit the amount of diesel trucks they run on a given fuel. So, for instance, the government has recently banned diesel trucks from running on petrol. The result is that diesel is now cheaper than petrol.

With both petrol and diesel prices higher than they were a few months ago, it’s easier for people to save up to buy petrol or diesel. The result is that diesel trucks are now cheaper than petrol trucks.

Diesel trucks are more fuel efficient than petrol ones. So, for example, the new Nissan Diesel Z has a maximum speed of 84MPH instead of 90MPH. This means that the diesel powered Z has a maximum speed of only 90MPH. This is good news for diesel drivers, as it means that they can travel more miles on a tank of diesel.

Diesel is the fuel of choice for the vast majority of trucks and cars in the Indian auto industry. It’s also the fuel of choice for some of India’s top taxi firms, as it is the cheapest fuel to operate. As such, the Government is considering raising diesel prices by 10% to 15% or more on 1st April 2011.

The idea behind diesel prices being raised is to reduce the pollution generated by vehicles powered by diesel. Diesel is the most common source for India’s smog, and diesel vehicles produce more pollution than cars with petrol engines. Diesel consumption is also the largest contributor to pollution in India.

Diesel consumption is increasing. The problem is that the cost of diesel is about half that of petrol. And there are a lot of vehicles running on diesel right now.

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