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I don’t think I need to talk about this one too much. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a couple in a photo before, but I always think of those of them I’ve never seen before either, so it’s like it goes back to the question of why I’m here talking about them. I like the fact that this photo is a photo of both me and my friend.

As you might have guessed, this photo is of one of my very good friends (who is also my girlfriend). She is gorgeous, and I like her a lot. However, Ive had the odd dream where I have to kill her, and she has the ability to see me.

I don’t know if youve seen that photo before, but Ive always thought of the picture after it was last edited.

I could see that you are very familiar with this photo. The photo is a picture of Im and my friend in front of my house. I was born just over a year ago, and Im still a little bit of a mess. I just graduated from college last year, but Im just getting ready to return to school. I dont know why Im back here, but Im.

I guess Im back because I want to kill myself. Ive been dead for a few years. Ive been dead for like a year. So I thought I could maybe get a few minutes of life in it.

Im not sure if it is a good thing or not that you are here right now, but I think it is good. Im not trying to be cruel, but Im just trying to be practical. I guess Im just trying to get the point across that I dont want to be here. I dont want to be around anymore. Its killing me to see my friend suffer. Im not really much of a friend, but he’s been my best friend since I was like 12.

Its not really a good thing that you are here right now, but it is good. Im not sure if its good or bad, but it does show that we can be with our friends even in death. It also shows how much we still care for our friends. You are not “dead” for a few years, but you are more than dead. You are gone from our lives, but you can still be with us if we want to be.

I’m not sure what you mean by “we can’t be with our friends” but I think it’s really a bit early to say that. I think its just like you’re not doing anything at the moment, it is just that we need to get to know each other and know we can be with each other.

Just as I am not dead, neither are we. But our friends are not exactly who we are. The concept of “friend” has a lot of different implications. We don’t have to like them, think of them as our friend, or even like them. We can just be with them, and see what happens.

You mean that we cant be friends with our friends, but we can be with our friends and see what happens? I think thats an interesting idea. A friend is someone you can trust. A friend is someone you can be around when you’re sick, or in between jobs. A friend is someone you can be around when you have to be somewhere on sunday morning.

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