como se dice diarrea en africano

This is how I describe my own condition, the way it feels when I have diarrhea in Africa. It’s a little easier to describe if you are familiar with the condition. It’s a little worse when you can’t take a bath or shower in your home. The difference between diarrhea and vomiting is that diarrhea is usually a very small amount of liquid in your bowel while vomiting is a lot.

Its a good thing that the new film, The Help, comes to America from Africa. It is one of the most heartbreaking films ever made and it is especially hard on Africans in South Africa. The film is based on the true story of a white woman who travels to the country to care for her sick mother. While she is there, she gets raped and loses her memory. She is left to a life of prostitution and drugs.

In this film, there are just too many moments where the characters speak about how terrible life is. It is really hard for Africans to watch the movie because when they do get to the part where the woman (played by Lupita Nyong’o) is talking about the life she left behind she starts crying and then starts vomiting. The movie is so heartbreaking that it made me cry.

It seems that in many African countries, people are still so desperate to get out from poverty that they will even abandon their children to sell themselves for a few coins in order to survive. It’s a sad reality that many people will do anything to survive, even if that means taking advantage of poor families who are desperate for money.

The movie is so heartbreaking that I couldn’t stop thinking about how many people in Africa will do anything to survive. What makes it so heartbreaking is that Lupita doesn’t seem to realize how bad it is. She’s so naive and inexperienced that she doesn’t realize that her actions will have negative consequences for others. After all, she doesn’t have a clue about the consequences of her actions.

When I think of the plight of children living in impoverished African nations, I always think of this. The problem is that the people who are suffering the most are the ones who are least able to help others. When someone is helpless, their ability to take care of themselves is severely limited. Lupita is a strong character, but she doesnt have the ability to make good decisions. She is naive, and therefore likely to make bad decisions.

Yes, Lupita doesn’t have the ability to make good decisions because she is so naive. She is also one of the most powerful people in the game, and while she is responsible for the deaths of everyone she knows (and she might know a few more), she is also a child. She is the leader of the black orphanage and she is a woman. She is also a black woman. Lupita is also a black woman in America.

Lupita is the one person in the game that Lupita doesn’t know about, and the only person you can actually blame for her decision making. Lupita is also the one person in the game that Lupita hasn’t killed yet. In fact, Lupita only has one kill so far, and that was a very bad one.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, Lupita’s decision to kill is incredibly well thought-out, although I don’t think I have been a part of a decision that was such a well-thought-out decision. I could be wrong, but Lupita’s decision was so well-thought-out that I’m not sure I would have been able to make it without her input. On the other hand, Lupita is a child.

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