I have my own style and it works. It’s a little intimidating, but it feels right in the right way. It reminds me of the time that we all spent in a room. We have a lot to think about every day. And yes, I do like the way it feels.

If you’d like to submit a feature request, it should be here.


Sure, I guess.

I think this is the closest that I have to a perfect feature request. I would love to have some kind of feature where you can create new features. I would love to be able to give you a feature request.

I think that there are a handful of things that would be cool. I am personally interested in the ability to set up a feature where you could get a new feature as a “feature request” without having to ask anyone first. I would be cool with it if I could just go to a page (like features.featurerequest) and set up a new feature request, and then have it go through and select the people that were voted on so that a review could be done.

I can see how this would be a common request. I just wonder if it’s really possible to do that. It would be nice if it would be an option, but this isn’t something I can think of easily.

Well, of course such a feature request would be possible.

Yes, it would be possible to have such features. But we’d need to know the people who had voted for it. We could vote for it on, or something, but we’d need to know everyone who voted for it. This is a fairly trivial thing to do, but it would help the site, and it would show the people who actually think that such a feature would be useful. It would also help in the long run.

Of course, for this to work, you need to be able to see how many people voted for it. And, you need to know how many people voted no. In the end, this can still be done with a simple method, but it would be much easier for everyone if we could show who voted yes and who voted no.

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