The Exotic and Eternal Vintage Fashion Trends That Still Rules the Fashion World 

Take a gaze at the fashion world, and you’ll find that nothing ever goes out of style! What used to dominate once as fashion comes back in another form to get identified as a style statement again. Some people intend to hold on to specific pieces because they will always be in style. And as several trends come and go, there are certain styles that are eternal. For instance, if you look at the fashion pieces of the 50s and 80s, you will realize that you have more scopes to experiment with and make it your own. 

Luckily, vintage clothing is a popular trend in 2022! That means, if you want to step back and slip into a bygone era and dress up in a vintage style, the doors are open for you. But you might just don’t know where to start and how to go about it. Does that resonate with you? If yes, then in this article, we will discuss some of the best ways in which you can approximate the vintage style trends and make them your own. 

1. Embrace the printed silk scarves

Browse through Instagram, and you will find that Instagram is replete with fashion and style bloggers showcasing designer printed scarves around their torsos, neck, and hair. It’s an inspiration straight from the 1970s when the silk scarves dominated. Are you wondering how to sport a scarf? If yes, you have the option to wear it like a loose hair wrap, like the famous Bianca Jagger. Alternatively, you can fashion it like Goldie Hawn and wear it as a headband. Style it both ways to check where you find your style spot. Choose varied scarf prints, like animal prints and digital prints. But if you wish to flaunt an authentic vintage vibe, you can opt-in for the floral printed scarves. Else if you want, you can alternate both styles and flaunt both effortlessly. 

2. Choose the smart vests

Most women love to flaunt the vests! You can wear one beneath your blazer or a coat. Also, you can wear a vest over the turtleneck top or shirt to get the original vintage look. It’s always good to contrast the colors so that it creates a soothing look. Ensure that you don’t choose colors that don’t match; else, it won’t appear soothing to the eyes. Take a look at the style and fashion bloggers for inspiration and create your look. 

3. Choose your hat

The vintage style and the hat go hand in hand! And you need to select one that you find best. The felt hats for women are a good choice because it looks sophisticated and stylish. Today, there are several options that you can choose from. For instance, you can decide to wear the felt fedora hat or the felt cowboy hat. A felt fedora or the trilby is an excellent choice when you want to create a vintage look. That aside, you can select colors that will reflect the vintage essence. Maroon is one color that has a vintage element about it. However, you can also say yes to black and chestnut brown colors if you want. 

4. Wear your tinted sunglasses

The 70s fashion was known for its big sunglasses! If you are all set to sport the vintage dress code, you need to welcome the huge-sized sunglasses in your wardrobe. Try and choose it in colored glasses so that it can reflect the style of the vintage era. Some of the options for tinted glasses include yellow, brown, magenta, and grey. Alternate the glasses to find your sweet spot. 

5. Select funky prints

Here you will have a riot of colors that will help you to select and create a statement vintage print. Refrain from the predictable prints and choose the funky ones. For inspiration, check Emilio Pucci’s prints. 

6. The granny florals are back

Most style bloggers and fashion enthusiasts like what the grandma trends have to offer. When you are trying to recreate a vintage look, you will find that grandma’s couch is apt! Here you can check out all that is vintage floral and is available in warmer tones. You can sport it during the summer months. 

7. Take a look at the prairie dress

During the 80s, there used to be some sort of risky style trends! However, no one knows the reason for which people have stopped wearing airy and puffy dresses. It’s way roomier and more comfortable! Therefore, it’s something you will want to showcase. 

Last but not least, go ahead and select your pair of retro sneakers. You will fall in love with the vintage sneakers much more than the new-age ones. It’s because the vintage sneakers have a particular character, and their design will add to the distinctive element of any ordinary ensemble. Now that you are aware of the vintage style ideas go ahead and create the look that you like. 

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