swamp palace link to the past

The swamp palace link to the past is a good source of inspiration for many of the ideas I’m considering in my next blog post, “My Favorite Linky.” I’ll be sharing something about this with you soon.

A link to the past can mean a lot of different things to different people. Sometimes it means a fun game to play, other times it might be the past of a friend of yours or someone you know. In other words, it can be a very strange thing. I used the swamp palace link to the past to link to an old picture of my brother. I had no idea my brother had a picture of me in his swamp palace.

I guess this is a link to a past that we haven’t talked about yet. This is to my brother who died in the swamp palace in my brother’s old house. I saw him die and I know my brother. He was a friend to me. I knew him and I was always hoping I would see him again. We were always best friends.

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