police procession today

we all know that a police parade makes us feel more safe. It makes us feel like we are being watched and that the law is on our side. But, what happens after the parade? It’s just a bunch of people with their arms crossed, standing there in the cold, and looking at each other like they just have the time of their lives.

If you find yourself feeling like you are being watched, it is okay to simply look away and walk. You are not going to draw attention to yourself, so by all means, take a break from the parade. Although I am not much of a fan of having arms crossed, the parade is a good reminder to take the time to relax, be with your friends, and have fun.

If you have eyes, you can see some of the police officers in the crowd. They are not there for you. They are there to ensure that everyone else doesn’t fall into the same trap. They aren’t there to protect you. No one is going to protect you from a bunch of people with arms crossed. They are there to ensure that you don’t fall into the same trap as the other people in the parade.

There is a lot of tension in the crowd as there are about three dozen police officers and about 20 civilians. I feel like I might be in this crowd everyday somewhere. There is the one person in the crowd who is going to be the one to get you killed, and the police are there to make sure that happens. The police are there for a reason (to keep you safe) but they are also there to ensure that no one gets injured.

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