ohio institute of allied health

The Ohio State University of Applied Health Professions (OSUAPHP) is a professional association and non-profit organization that brings together health care professionals from all professional backgrounds and disciplines. Our mission is to become the leading provider of education and professional development in the areas of health care policy, health care technology and health care informatics, as well as to create a network of education, research, and policy-making at OSUAPHP.

OSUAPHP is the only statewide health professional organization that represents both full-time and part-time health care professionals and has a policy-making component in state government. We are a multi-disciplinary organization that includes health care, nursing, allied health, public health, and other health professions.

As a network of a few hundred health care professionals and health care organizations, OSUAPHP.OSUAPHP brings together a group of individuals from a wide range of disciplines and experiences with a common interest in advancing the professional practice and policy-making of health care in Ohio.

Most of us want to be professional and we want to make a difference in our patients’ lives. OSUAPHP is committed to helping us do that.


The Ohio Association of Allied Health Professions (OSUAPHP) was founded in 1953 in Columbus, Ohio, to represent a wide range of health care professionals in the state. Today, that includes physicians and surgeons, nurses, midwives, and social workers as well as a growing number of chiropractors, physical therapists, psychologists, and dentists. All are committed to improving the quality of life of the people they serve.

If you’re an allied health professional, you’re in luck. Ohio is one of the few states where you can get your license without any training in the field. And that means you’ll be able to work anywhere in the state and do whatever you like. Because there’s no state license exam or residency requirements, it’s a great opportunity for an aspiring allied health professional to start building their career.

The Ohio allied health professional license is a great place to start. Youll need to get a certified nurse assistant license (CNA) and a certified physician assistant license (CPA). Then you can get your residency in allied health by getting your license. Once you do, you can then either go to a school of medicine or a school of nursing or a school of pharmacy to get your associate’s degree.

the reason why allied health is a great career choice for networking is because it is a lot of fun! The good part is that allied health is a lot easier than medical school. You just have to take a few classes that have to do with anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology and see how they apply to your career. You can also take online classes that can help you with some of the more advanced classes. The bad part is that allied health needs to have a good website.

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