How Did We Get Here? The History of fruit still life photography Told Through Tweets


Fruit still life photography has been a favourite of mine for a very long time, it’s one of the most simple ways to capture something beautiful. The simplicity and attention to detail makes it a perfect subject for a photo shoot. And the best part is, you can take as many shots as you’d like, without having to worry about how you’re going to get the fruit on the picture.

And that said, there are also some tricks to getting it right. If the fruit is on a plate, it can be tricky to get it to stick to the plate. If you put it into a bowl of water, that’s also an issue. Plus, the more fruit you put into the water, the more chance of it falling off the plate. Always shoot on a plate or bowl of water to get the fruit to stick to it.

But the best part is, when its not a plate or bowl of water, you can use a camera that doesn’t have a flash. And if you don’t have a flash, then don’t shoot at all. You can also shoot in the dark, which is where the magic happens. You don’t have to worry about getting all the fruit on the shot, unless you want to.

I got a lot of fruit yesterday on my plate. Some was actually sticking to the edge of the plate. This is something you should consider before you shoot. The only way you’re going to get everything is if you put it all on the plate when you take the photo. So definitely take a photo with the fruit on it, and save it for later.

We all know that fruit is an important part of the food pyramid, right? Of course, apples are the best, but theyre not always the easiest to photograph. Take a photo of an orange and the background will be orange, but the fruit is all blue. A better image is a black background with the orange/blue in the middle.

The easiest way to get that perfect orange image is to use a zoom lens. While zooming in, the contrast between the orange (the background) and the fruit (the foreground) is going to be the most obvious. Another way is to use a flash. Just make sure to put the flash in a position where it won’t be on top of the fruit, otherwise it will be on the fruit instead.

The final step is to add a little water to the peach. A simple rule of thumb is to use a neutral color (grey) for the background, and a color that won’t be too bright to the fruit.

The rule of thumb isnt that simple. You have to find one or two colors that will work great with the fruit. An example is using a peach and a white background. When photographing a peach its easy to use the peach in the background. When using the peach in the foreground its sometimes harder to make out how its in the background because it is so close and it is almost impossible to focus on it. The same goes with white.

I know this video came out several years ago, but I still find it quite exciting to watch. I love watching new people make videos. There are very few people that are as excited as I am to watch a video of someone making a video.

The same goes for other fruits. It is always a challenge to have food that isn’t in the foreground, so I’m always glad to see fruit that makes it into the photo. This peach is the best example of this. I love it.

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