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Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the whole education system has taken a substantial turn. Online education has peaked and people have realized its importance during the pandemic. Apart from the covid pandemic, there are many other reasons like better education quality, the comfort of home, etc that provides an upper edge to the online classes. If you are looking to take online math lessons, Cuemath is your one-stop solution. Online math lessons are curated by experienced teachers who have a passion for math as well as for teaching. Let us see how online math lessons from Cuemath can help you ace the subject and become a math champion. 

Benefits of Studying Math online

The following points mentioned below analyze some benefits of studying math online.

  1. Interactive Visualizations and Explorations: There are various researches conducted that tell that brain research is an integral part of learning mathematics. Various neuroscientists have said that mathematics is directly related to symbolic number calculations. With the help of visualization and explorations, the chapters of math such as algebra and trigonometry can be easily understood by the students. This will also help the students to practice math problems easily.
  2. Connecting the Concept of Math with the Real World: Teachers in school focus more on the theory rather than the practical learning of mathematics. However, in taking math classes online, teachers may use various technologies. They can solve a difficult sum with the help of a problem-solving worksheet on smart boards. With the help of tabs and phones, students can practice and understand math anywhere and anytime. They can do this even while playing games and listening to music.
  3. Tutors can Easily Handle and Control the Situation: In classroom learning, more than 20 students are present in the class. They are controlled by a single teacher. This will create a problem for both students and teachers. However, in the case of online learning, this problem doesn’t arise. In online learning, teachers do not have to control the environment. Lectures are provided via emails, videos, or notes. In some situations, they often control the classes easily. Hence, choosing an online math tutor is a very good and wise decision.
  4. Cheap and No Money Debts: Learning math with a private tutor can be expensive sometimes. This can create a problem for the parents. They can be in money debts as well. However, online learning is always cheap and reasonable. There are special coupon codes provided which will give you a handsome amount of discounts. Some of these platforms are Cuemath, Unacademy, Vedantu, and so on.
  5. Practice Tests: It is found that practicing more and more questions is always beneficial. In classroom learning, a teacher may take tests either monthly or yearly. In this way, a student cannot assess himself or herself. However, in the case of online learning, practice tests and worksheets are provided monthly and weekly. Practicing these sheets can become very useful for the students. 

How to Convert a Decimal into a Fraction?

Before knowing about the steps of converting a fraction into a decimal, one must know what is a fraction and a decimal. Those numbers which are used to express and represent both whole numbers and fractions together are known as decimals. Fractions are the types of numbers that are represented as a part of a whole. They are expressed with the help of ‘ / ‘. The upper part is known as the numerator and the lower part is known as the denominator. Now, the steps of converting decimal to fraction are.

  1. The first step is to identify the place digit of the number. The digits after the  decimal.
  2. You can use this number to determine the denominator of the fraction.
  3. Now, remove the decimal point and write the answer in a fraction using ‘/’.
  4. Simplify the fraction if needed.

Now time is over to worry about how you will learn maths lessons online, Cuemath is here to provide you with excellent online maths classes in which instructors will provide you worksheets, puzzles for solving problems.

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